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How To Explore Pleasure Zones

Pleasure zones

Spending time chatting, flirting and texting with hot, dirty and sexy strangers on SexChatSite – the UK’s leading adult phone chat line – is an excellent way to explore your sexuality and hone your seduction techniques. You can then put what you’ve learned into practice on a hook up with someone you fancy.

When you get up close and personal with your POI, you’ll obviously want to explore their erogenous zones. Excluding the genitals, female hot spots include the breasts, nape of the neck, inner thighs, lower abdomen, clitoris and buttocks. Male sweet spots that typically love attention are the chest midline, the scrotum, buttocks, anus, perineum and penis. Exploring these zones will certainly arouse and excite your lover during foreplay.

There are also additional extragenital pleasure zones that are definitely worth taking your time exploring. To make your lover go wild with desire, try touching and stimulating these super sensitive areas…

The Scalp

Having someone play with your hair and massage your scalp can be incredibly soothing, and deeply pleasurable.

You can use a variety of fingering techniques to gently tug the hair and stimulate the scalp. Running your fingernails all over the scalp will give your POI ripples of pleasure.

Use your thumbs and fingertips to apply gentle pressure, and massage in circular motions all over the scalp. Modify the pressure from gentle to intense to discover what your lover likes best. The tingling and stimulating sensations will make your lover feel deeply relaxed and aroused.

The Ear Lobes

When whispering sweet nothings into your POI’s ear, focus your attention on their sensitive ear lobes. Stroking, tugging, rubbing, kissing and sucking on the ear lobes can be a highly erotic and sensual experience for the receiver and the giver.

Use your fingers to gently tickle the edge of your partner’s ear, to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings located there. Women who experience an uricologenital reflex are able to reach orgasm during playful ear canal exploration.

The Armpits

It’s not only the pheromone scent of the sweat compounds in a man’s armpits that heighten sexual arousal. When a woman is ovaluting, oestradiol  (the major female sex hormone) is also present in her pits.

Although the idea of fingering the pits can make ticklish people squirm, touching this sensitive area can also elicit a sexual response and pleasurable moans.

The Inner Wrist (Female)

The wrist — especially the inside– can be an exciting sweet spot to explore pre-sex. There are a lot of nerve endings located at the pulse point. Gentle touching, sensual stroking and playful scratching can create arousal.

The Sides Of The Chest (Male)

The midline of a man’s chest is a prime erogenous zone that is rarely missed. Sliding your hands to the sides, and working your way gently over his ribs, will intensify his sexual interest and pleasure. Tantalise him with teasing tickles and sensual stroking.

The Nipples

Give your POI’s nipples plenty of erotic attention. To create ripples of pleasure sensations, manually tweak, squeeze or gently twist the ripples. Use your mouth to kiss, lick and suck, and watch your lover writhe with delight.

The Back Of The Knees

The soft spot behind the knees is packed with nerve endings that are yearning for touch. This is a body part that is often overlooked and deprived of sensory exploration.

Start by gently touching your partner behind the knees, and continue with a massage that alternates between a tickle and deep pressure. You can then move on to gliding up their thighs to the main attraction.

The Inner Thighs

On route to the genitals it’s definitely worth taking a sensually slow detour along the inner thighs. Glide your fingertips up and down, gently scratch, or use your tongue and lips to explore.

The Underside Of The Balls (Male)

In the rush to achieve orgasm, the underside of the balls is often neglected. Yet it’s an erogenous area that can deliver heightened pleasure.

Use your hands, lips and tongue to make him moan and long for climax.

The Soles Of The Feet

Although feet may not be at the top of everyone’s erogenous zone turn-on list, this part of the body can certainly elevate your sexual enjoyment and experience.

Some people love having their feet touched, tickled, stroked, massaged, licked and sucked. A kinky foot rub can easily become a passionate, full-on session of mind-blowing sex. Begin by concentrating on the soles of the feet, and take your time progressing to toe sucking.

Use Sex Toys & Props

Trying new things is a great way to enhance your sexual repertoire and intimacy enjoyment. Besides using your hands, you can also use adult sex toys, and accessories like feathers and textured materials, to experiment with different rhythms and intensities while exploring the body’s pleasure zones – during solo play or when having sex with a partner.