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5 Reasons Why Guys Are Choosing Trans Dates

Transexual chat

Whether you’re a man who is currently making a dating scene comeback, after a relationship breakup, or you’ve been around the block a few times, you may want to consider arranging a date that’s a little more adventurous that you’re used to.

More and more men are becoming open-minded about flirting with a sexy trans partner. If you’re curious to explore this adult phone sex option, here are 5 reasons why you should give it a try…

  1. Turning A Fantasy Into Reality

It’s common for men to have secret desires, sexual kinks and wild fantasies that are used as stimulation whilst indulging in solo masturbation. For some guys, nothing gets them as hot under the collar as the thought of having an illicit liaison with a tranny.

On SexChatSite, you can discreetly explore your taboo desire of chatting with a hot lady boy, flirting with an ultra feminine transsexual, or being verbally reprimanded by a transvestite dominatrix. These erotic dark desires offer a welcome escape from to a sex life that is non-existent or vanilla.

You can browse the selection of sexy and dirty trannies that are waiting to chat and text with you, and view profiles and reviews on SexChatSite. Once you’ve found your favourite tranny, give them a call and share your fantasy. Our live 121 sex chat is a steamy experience that will exceed your expectations.

  1. Taking Sex Chat To Another Level

Whether you’re a married or single man who is a frequent user of adult phone sex chat services, or it’s your first time, at SexChatSite you’ll find a wide variety of different types of horny girls to chat to and to practice your flirting techniques with.

If you’re looking for a girl who’s different and special, you’re bound to find her profile and details listed under the Tranny category. Chatting with a tranny can be a kinky experience that takes your sex chat to another level. Exploring your sexuality is completely confidential on SexChatSite. You can chat about your fetishes and favourite dom/sub roleplay scenarios with your favourite trans mistress, or about whatever you like.

  1. The Perfect Balance

Trannies have long been considered a curiosity. If you’re intrigued by their femininity, beauty and feminine appearance, it’s time to give into the temptation of connecting with a horny babe who offers the perfect companion balance.

Sexy trannies have feminine hot bodies that have been modified and beautified to perfection. Their enhanced breasts are in perfect proportion to sensuous hips and pert asses. They also offer a little something extra!

Transsexuals and transvestites generally possess greater self-awareness, and are able to enjoy both perspectives of the sexual spectrum. This makes them the perfect adult phone sex date whenever you’re feeling horny.

  1. Touchy Feely

As a tranny’s approach to gender and sexuality is radically different to most men and women, she’s the perfect person to chat and flirt with, if you’re a sensitive guy who’s in touch with his feelings and emotions.

In the trans world there are no defined lines between masculinity and femininity. While having flirty fun and steamy sex chat on the phone, you’ll also feel comfortable about discussing feelings and exploring your emotions with a friendly and open-minded tranny.

  1. A Unique Sexual Experience

For many men, the thought of talking dirty on the phone with a tranny is highly arousing and sexually stimulating. If you’re a man with an open mind, dating a

will certainly broaden your sexual experiences.

You can sit back and relax, and let your trans mistress give you commands, or roleplay mutually pleasurable scenarios that culminate in an erotic crescendo. Check out our tantalising trannies today, and let them tempt you to try something different…





Adult Phone Chat

5 Ways Sex Chat Can Wake Up Your Mojo

It really doesn’t have to feel awkward or intimidating to chat to a sexy stranger on the phone. Chatting via the UK’s busiest and best adult phone sex chat line is a great way to make new friends, explore your sexuality, fetishes and fantasies, and enjoy a climatic experience.

  1. Open Your Mind

If your mojo could do with a shake up, chatting to a hot and horny girl will work wonders on stimulating your mind, body and spirit. Whether you’re single and out of dating practice, or attached and looking for some discreet extra curricular adult fun on the side, you’ll find a huge selection of different girls available online to open your mind to unlimited sensual possibilities.

By stepping out of your comfort zone, and chatting to a blonde bombshell, a buxom brunette or a ravishing redhead via our cheap phone sex adult chat line, you’ll be embarking on an erotic adventure that never disappoints.

  1. Practice Flirting Techniques

Flirting plays a big part in dating success. If your flirting skills are rusty, it’s crucial that you up your game and practice your seduction techniques, if you want to find a lover, or to hook up with a variety of partners on NSA encounters. The more you practice flirting, the greater your self-confidence will become.

Always be friendly when chatting to your dream woman on our premium phone sex lines. To make your preferred busty beauty, dominatrix, BBW or mature lady feel relaxed and comfortable, let the conversation flow with no expectations. It’s perfectly fine to feel a little nervous or shy, especially if you’re calling your ultimate fantasy woman! Be yourself and let your natural charisma shine.

Take your time building a good rapport, and make sure that you don’t mumble. Speak softly and clearly, and keep the conversation light. Your fantasy woman knows how to interpret your flirty banter, and will happily roleplay any scenario that turns you on.

  1. A Win-Win Situation

To get your mojo back, after you’ve lost it, it’s important to focus your attention on doing things that are fun, and that make you feel good about yourself. You can instantly restore your mojo, and boost your confidence, by chatting to a friendly horny girl on the phone.

The casual banter will make you feel relaxed and ready to enjoy an intimate moment of masturbation. The sexual release is a personal win that will help you get your mojo back on track.

  1. Explore Fantasies

If you long to experience phone sex chat that is considered to be daring, risqué or taboo, you’ll easily find your perfect banter buddy on SexChat. We have lots of girls who love to talk dirty while creating fetish, domination and submission scenarios that you can explore in their company.

If your fantasy involves being seduced by a gorgeous black or Asian girl, or to roleplay with a college girl, cougar, lesbian or transvestite, you’ll easily be able to connect with your ideal match on SexChat. Fetishes that you’re too shy to discuss with anyone can also be comfortably explored, when chit chatting to an engaging, sexually experienced dirty girl.

Guys and girls who are totally open minded about exploring their wild and secret fantasies, on the phone, always enjoy an unforgettable experience.

  1. Surprise Yourself!

Even if you’re someone who is comfortable with the status of their love life, and the quality and frequency of intimacy and sex, there is always room for improvement. Dare yourself to make a connection with a hot girl who is waiting to have a steamy conversation with you. Our live 121 phone sex chat line may well surprise you, and wake up your mojo in the process.

You may surprise yourself by discovering that you have a thing for women who love to unashamedly express their feminine power and sexual confidence. Be bold and direct with your special requests, and let your chosen dirty girl take the lead in the casual conversation. It won’t be too long before you’re aroused and keen to take the small talk further. Give in to the temptation and experience sexual liberation of the phone kind.

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Fetishes: Are They Common?

Fetishes - woman in lingerie on leather sofa, with hands tied by chiffon scarf.Sexual fetishes are absolutely natural and perfectly healthy, provided they’re practiced safely and with consent from everyone involved.

You might be certain that you have a fetish, or you might have one and not even realise, but either way, you’ll likely want to bring it into any sexual relationship that you have.

Some of the more common fetishes might already be a part of your life:


BDSM stands for ‘bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.

This is very common, but also might often be a bit much for some people as it can be quite intense.

You can always start with something slightly less daunting like tying your partner’s wrists together.


This is the sexual arousal from partaking in sexual activity outside. You have to be very careful as this is actually illegal, so to be safe and avoid a visit from the police, try opening your windows for a safer option but still with some exhilaration from the idea of people being able to hear you.


This is probably the fetish that you think of when someone mentions fetishes. Feet are a major erogenous zone which is likely why a lot of people enjoy a foot rub.

Some people just like feet, some like well pedicured feet, and some like feet in a pair of sexy heels (altocalciphilia).

 Lingerie/Sexy Underwear

Not all fetishes are particularly “out there”. Sometimes something simple like a nice underwear set, some tight boxers, or maybe something a little sexier, can really get your partner going.

Do some shopping together, or if you know it’s something they’ll like, surprise them next time you get down to it!

Whether you’d like to explore a well-established fantasy, or test the waters on something you think you’d really like, our gorgeous girls at SexChatSite are on hand with no judgement at all (they’ve likely heard it all before!) to help you live out your wildest dreams and deepest fetishes!

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5 Reasons 2021 Is The Time To Call A Sex Chat Line

We’ve all been in lockdown a very long time, with not much chance to date or talk to people. Our great sex chat line can give you the chance to talk to gorgeous girls (and guys!) for hot chat on the phone. Here are 5 reasons why 2021 is the best time ever to get chatting on a sex chat line.

  1. You’ve lost your mojo after lockdown

The past year hasn’t been great for dating and having intimate interactions with other people, so what can you do to get that mojo back? Everyone on our chat line is up for some hot sex chat! Find out who’s online any time of day. If there’s something you like, we’re sure to be able to cater for it.

  1. You haven’t chatted anyone up for a while

Seeing as we’ve all been mostly stuck indoors, your game might not be tip-top! You’ll need a bit of practice before you can chat anyone up again and our girls are perfect to practice with. You can recreate any scenario with some roleplay and hopefully impress some girls when you get to the bar.

  1. Inject some XXX adult voice chat into your life

With our great sex chat line – it’s the perfect way to find the intimacy we all need in our lives. Our girls are always ready to help fulfil your every need and fantasy on the phone, no matter what it might be. If you’ve never done it before, it’s a great chance to explore things you might never have done otherwise.

  1. Practice your phone sex techniques and pick up some new ones

Our girls are very experienced in what they do, so chatting with them is a great chance to get your technique the best possible to impress any new lady in your life, as well as find out exactly what you like yourself.

  1. Chat to a sexy babe without any mention of lockdowns/covid/anything else that distracts you.

You can talk about whatever you like with our girls. Take your mind off the stresses and strains of lockdown life over the last year and let off steam on the phone. You’ll feel much better after chatting with our girls!

Have a browse of our girls, see who’s online now and give them a call.

If you’d rather some live sex texts, our girls are ready and waiting! You’ll get filthy messages and pics straight to your mobile.

So no matter what sort of girl you’re looking for or what sort of fantasy you have, our girls can bring some sexy chat straight to your phone for an escape from day-to-day life – just red hot sex chat!

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Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day!

Our top rated girls are the best girls around so make the most of a lockdown Valentine’s Day indoors and give them a call and treat yourself to the best phone sex!

Our number 1 top rated girl, Portia, has over 2700 reviews so you know she’s going to get you off!

“Portia would win the World Cup of Chat babes with her minxy ways and highly taxable assets . . Worth every penny and minute xxx”

 “Portia you’re the most amazing woman ever. I’m feel privileged to have known you for all these years.”

Call and chat to Portia now – you won’t regret it.

Another one of our top rated girls is Cathie Max. She’s got over 1100 reviews and a wide range of skills.

“Lovely to talk to my little firecracker again, long time but nothing changes, hotter than ever.”

“Cathie is always amazing, so happy I managed to get a chance to chat to her again.”

Call to chat to Cathie Max tonight – she won’t disappoint.


Amber has hundreds of great reviews and is perfect if you love a redhead!

“Wow! Amber. What an amazing woman you are. You satisfy my sexual desire like no other person could possibly achieve.”

“You know with Amber that there’s nothing she won’t do to give you maximum pleasure.”

Chat to Amber tonight and you’ll be thinking about it for weeks.


If any of our girls tickle your fancy this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself and give them a call on Sex Chat Site and end your day with a bang!

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Cheaper Adult Phone Chat On Your Mobile!

Calling our girls from a mobile? Then dial our new shortcode!

For cheaper adult phone chat, call 69900 and it’s £1 a minute with NO hidden access charges on your phone bill.

Our girls are some of the best around, from college girls, blondes, and brunettes, to fetishes, roleplay, and MILFs, there’s something for everyone and they’re ready to chat to you.

You can see who’s online now and check out our top rated girls for some of the best and hottest adult phone chat.

Mobile Sex Chat Benefits

  • No expensive 090 access charges on your bill
  • Trusted and secure
  • More discreet on your mobile
  • No registration needed. Just call!

How It Works

  • Pick a sexy operator and make note of their PIN
  • Call 69900 from your mobile
  • No mobile phone? Don’t worry – use your landline and call 0909 105 0909 [18yr+ £1 per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. Calls are recorded. Helpdesk: 020 7966 8888. CWL.]

Sex Chat Site is the UK’s leading and best place for adult phone chat lines, so for cheaper chat grab your mobile and chat with our hot babes now.

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Why Are Sex Chat Lines Still So Popular?

A young woman in her underwear sending a text message while lying on the bedWhy are sex chat lines popular?

It’s 2020. The Internet exists. Sexual entertainment is readily available everywhere online. So why then, are sex chat lines still so popular today?

There are a number of reasons people still enjoy calling sex chat lines, but mostly it’s quite personal.
If you’ve never tried one before, we’ve compiled some reasons why people enjoy them.

Human connection

We can all get a bit caught up in daily life, so letting off steam to someone can be really cathartic.
You can lose yourself in a phone call, especially with someone you don’t know as you can be anyone you want to be.


Roleplay can be a bit daunting if you’ve not done it before, so it can be good practice to try it with someone on the phone first. You’ll find out what you like and don’t like and have a chance to roleplay anything you like. Mostly the person on the other end will have done it before, so you can even learn some new things!


People often have fetishes. It’s perfectly normal and healthy. It can though, be difficult to find someone with the same fetish as you, therefore people will use sex chat lines to live out their fetishes and fantasies, as they may not be able to get them elsewhere.

Trying something new

Sometimes people just want to give something new and exciting a try! If you’ve never tried phone sex you might not realise how hot it can be. Each person being turned on by the others’ voice alone is a very sexy thing.

You can have all sorts of fun on the phone with our gorgeous girls and guys. We have a number of different categories to fit all tastes and you can call any time of day, so get chatting with Sex Chat Site and see what all the fuss is about!

Sex Text

Top 5 Sexting Tips For When You’re Apart

Top above high angle view portrait of attractive woman in bed in a maroon red bra taking a selfie on mobile phoneWith the current climate, some of us are having to find more interesting ways to get intimate with our partners.
Phone sex is okay if you’re comfortable with it, but plenty of people find it too awkward or don’t know what to say.
Another option is sexting. Where you just send each other naughty messages instead.

Here are our top 5 tips to get the most out of sexting.

Make sure you’re both into it.

Don’t start sending these messages if you haven’t explicitly agreed to it. The other person probably won’t want to receive anything like that if they’re eating their breakfast!
Check that it’s the right time and you’re both in the mood and you’re good to go.

Don’t forget foreplay!

This is just as important in sexting as it is in real life. You need to warm up!
You can’t just jump straight in to the ‘main event’, it’s not sexy. You both need time to get excited and the build up is half the fun. Find out what they like and elaborate on that.

Tease them.

Take your time and enjoy the moment. Don’t give away everything in one text. Send shorter texts that are more suggestive rather than overly descriptive. Let their imagination go wild with what you’ve said and it’s much more enjoyable for the both of you.

Live out a fantasy.

Now’s the time to give something a go if you’ve never tried it. Live it out through the messages and your imagination. It’s the perfect opportunity to tell your partner something you’d love to try so that you can test the water and see if it’s something you’d like to try once you’re back together again.

Try some roleplay.

If you’re a bit shy to try some roleplay in the bedroom, try some whilst sexting. It’s a safe environment to give it a go without needing to feel embarrassed about it.
If you’re used to doing roleplay in the bedroom then there’s no reason why you can’t continue it in sexting. Keep the fire alive!

Our girls are available 24/7 for some text fun, so you can hone your skills or find out what you like.

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At Home? Enjoy Some Adult Phone Chat

Are you spending a bit more time at home than normal? Finding yourself looking for things to do to keep you occupied?

Our girls are ready and waiting to keep you busy with some hot adult phone chat at home!

We have some of the best girls around. Here are a few of our top-rated girls:


PIN: 2134

Skills: Submission, Fetish, Lesbians, Roleplay

Reviews:(210 Reviews)

“I loved our chat today. We always have so much to talk about. I will look forward to chatting with you soon . xxx best wishes”

“Just reflecting on a wonderful catch up with Sofia. We just get on so well my beautiful friend and have done so, since we chatted all those years ago. You bring so much fun and happiness into my life.”


Half of the image is a woman's face with dark hair and red lips and the other half is a white wall


PIN: 5668

Skills: Submission, Fetish, Lesbians

Reviews:(198 Reviews)

“I really enjoy our time together, as Tina Turner said, your simply the best.”

“Ah Amy it was lovely to hear your happy voice and cheeky giggle again this afternoon. You are amazing and cheer me up so much. Cannot wait until we have time to both fully enjoy a proper long chat xx”


Black lady smiling at the camera with a white background

Susie Q

PIN: 3689

Skills: Mature, Submission, Fetish, Black & Asian, Lesbians, Roleplay, Transvestites

Reviews:(188 Reviews)

“Very kinky open minded and fun. Loves to indulge. Top example of what a first class phone girl should be. Thanks suzie x”

“Another great call. Susie gave me what I wanted and needed. Pure perfection and filth!”

So what are you waiting for?! Get chatting to our amazing girls today!


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Do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

This is the age old saying, but do men really prefer blondes?
Science tells us yes – sometimes.

Men often tend to prefer blondes because:

  • First impression is that they’re more attractive
  • Blondes tend to be younger looking
  • Men tend to judge blonde women to be more promiscuous
  • Women with lighter hair are seen to be more fertile
  • Blonde haired women are seen to be more fun compared to ladies with darker hair

Here are some of our top-rated blondes:

Cathie Max

PIN: 1571


“My hot sexy little firework. Big hugs from your number one fan xxxxx”

“Had an amazing time with the amazing Cathie Max”

“With Cathie things really do go bump in the night!”



PIN: 9463


“Portia I Thank you for many happy hours we have spent together”

“When we Talk to each other I’m in Heaven”

“You have given me much pleasure and satisfaction”



PIN: 7557


“All I can say is thank you Suzanne, going beyond expectations”

“Amazing as ever. Inside my mind and always in my thoughts. My Mistress, my Goddess.”

“Love, love, love this woman. She has me on a string and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Xxx”


Do you prefer blondes? We have a great selection of gorgeous blonde girls ready for some hot 1-2-1 sex chat right now! They know just what you like and are ready to please. Call them today!